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Diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of eleven T L Spencer turned to writing as a way to cope with her condition. Her vivid imagination and love of all things paranormal influenced her writing. T L Spencer enjoys all forms of literature and is currently studying at university, hoping to become a teacher.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blood Prophecy

Three women are destined to save humanity from the darkness, but they must find each other first.Here is an extract from Blood Angel, volume one of Blood Prophecy:
The house was black as pitch, not one thing could lift the cloud of darkness that veiled my eyes as I tip-toed inside the house, weary of the evils that hide within its walls. Out of nowhere, I was attacked, Mother had hit me hard. All I felt was the usual sensation of glass hitting bone before I was unconscious on the floor. Blackness descended upon me, my last sight before darkness took me was of my Mother being subdued by a masculine figure. My guardian angel – a comforting thought as my mind was claimed by hell.
“Easy”, a voice, full of masculine heat and concern steadied me as my head spun, “your head took a knock. I could kill your Mother for that.” I lay back down, held my head and asked what time it was. “Two thirty in the morning. Let’s give you some fresh air. I think you need it.” Before I had a chance to protest, Gregori lifted me with ease and took me out into the garden. I huddled close to him as we went outside; I lifted my head skyward and thanked everyone and anyone up there that Gregori had followed me home. He had possibly saved my life, again.
By the pond we gazed into the night sky, pitch black, strewn with glittered stars, far away and old. Most already dead, even as we named them. Gregori and I scarcely spoke, I was just so thankful he followed me home; he must have an instinct for these things.
I got thirsty, needing a glass of water, so I headed to the kitchen. An overhanging willow tree blocked the light from the moon creating a dappled effect when the gentle breeze blew through. Beautiful. Until I got closer.
The veranda, barely visible through the overshadowed light of the moon. Nothing to be heard but the sound of silence. Trees echoed the souls of the departed, leaves rippled and crept across the ground towards the seemingly empty house. Shadows clasped at small things that passed them by, waiting for a victim. The door sliced open; a shadow snaked through. Shivers slithered down my spine at the vision but despite the warnings, I continued indoors regardless.
How foolish of me.
I entered the farm kitchen; my drink was cold and refreshing as it slid deliciously down my throat. I shut the refrigerator door, turned and dropped my glass as I screamed I terror. Before me stood the two most frightening people I had ever laid eyes upon. If people is what you would call them. Their eyes, ruby red, were fixed on me like predator upon prey. My heart rate increased. They licked their lips.
Suddenly their mouths began to move, I didn’t hear what they were saying but I felt power behind their words. A tugging, a desire to go to them. It was this that terrified me. Gradually I put my hand behind my back, onto the kitchen counter; there was a knife around. I took a risk and looked for it. One risk too many.
In a flash they were at my side, leaning in, baring pearly white elongated teeth. Fangs. Vampires? I screamed as the man who, on closer inspection, was an older version of Gregori, grabbed both my wrists and pushed me hard into the counter. His body pressed against mine, I felt disgusted. The woman came from behind him, gazing at me with shock and amazement, “You’ll make a good pet...” she cooed in my ear. I couldn’t move; I was helpless. I did the only thing I could. Screamed.

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