It’s nearly Christmas!

It’s true, Christmas is around the corner, only a few days away! I’m sure those of you who celebrate the occasion have been busy wrapping and bagging those well-thought out gifts and demonstrations of devotion! Even when the tape refuses to get in line and the bows refuse to stick! Christmas is a time for fun and family, at least it is for me be mine... Christmas is also a time to take stock of our lives and the pleasures within it. Take a look at what we’ve done over the year, and see how we might improve upon anything in the next. I for one, spend far too much money (don’t we all?)! But Christmas is also a time for pleasure. It’s a period where we can celebrate our lives, our hobbies and our homes; a time where we can take a break from work and decompress. To that end, I have a present for you all! During the Christmas period, my books will be available for free to download.  Wishing you all a happy Christmas, a carefree winter break and a fortune filled 2019! Terri x

Up to date!

Hello everyone! I haven’t been on here for so long, it feels almost criminal! There really is no excuse, and I apologise. I have had a few things happening at home - blogging simply got pushed to the bottom of the pile! Anyway, I’m back (maybe not better than ever, but back all the same) and have some updates for you. First, I’ll be making some additions to the blog, including two new books. The first will be the second edition of Blood Prophecy, which includes bonus content; the second is the third instalment of the Witch-Haven saga, Dark Delusions. I also have some freebies in the form of book deals to present just in time for the festive period, so watch this space! Speak soon, TL Spencer xxx

Enjoy the Sunshine!

It is a lovely day today, and I encourage people to get outside and enjoy the rays! We've already been out and walked the dog! 

Setting a good example...

I was going to write an article and give you boring facts and figures about how reading to children early sets a good example and has the potential to improve language skills later on in life, but I think I shall let this picture speak for itself. Sometimes an image can do more than all the numbers in the world.

The best Meme!

So, I've found a meme which I absolutely adore! For anyone with a husky, this will we completely understandable: Awesome! And here's another one I discovered whilst surfing through Pinterest... Please enjoy these Husky Happy Shots!

Shadow Box!

I love these things; works of art and yet so useful at the same time!  This one was made from a book! I've also seen money boxes, fairy wishing wells and night lights. They are fascinating things. Originally, they were made to dazzle people, most often showing off a person's personal or military prowess. Now though, they are are often created to stand as great works of art.

Rosie Rushton Review

My love of Jane Austen has risen to new heights with this collection of modernised teenage adaptations of the beloved novels by author Rosie Rushton. From Whatever Love Is (Mansfield Park) to firm favourites Summer of Secrets (Northanger Abbey) and Love, Lies and Lizzie (Pride and Prejudice), Rushton has definitely set the bar on how to write a romantic comedy with depth, passion and hormonal drama! So, If I was talking about Austen, I'd start with publishing order. However, as these are adaptations, I'm going to start with my lowest rated. This review contains spoilers. *** Secret Schemes and Daring Dreams *** An adaptation of Emma, this charming novel brings to the fore all the sentimentality and sarcastic dry wit that the original did. Like the original, Emma Woodhouse is a young, caring woman who is well aware of her luck, good fortune and status - and also well determined to ensure she passes that wealth on by pairing her friends. When her best friend George Knightley, nee