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Diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of eleven T L Spencer turned to writing as a way to cope with her condition. Her vivid imagination and love of all things paranormal influenced her writing. T L Spencer enjoys all forms of literature and is currently studying at university, hoping to become a teacher.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


How high would you have to count before you would use the letter A in the English language spelling of a whole number.

One thousand.

Harry Potter Month!

Get ready for it...
In celebration of my visit to the magical Harry Potter world (Warner Brothers studios), I shall be doing daily posts of Harry Potter!
These will include pictures, quotes... Anything I can get my hands on! The month of May will be a magical one!

In the mean time, I will not let the muggles get me down! xxx

Sapphire and Ruby!

Two lovely pups and two very playful ones! Here are favourite pictures from their playtime...


Love this pic x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Books...

Here is yet another collage! It's quite sad, posting them, but I like this one.
All about books...
Celebrate the books...
Live the books...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pic Collage

Found a cool App on my iPhone and I just had to post my first attempts!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Look who I found hiding behind the blinds in the living room!
I love that 'who, me?' face she has...

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thursday, 11 April 2013

To Mum

Here are some cute pictures that make everyone go awwww!
They are also my mother's favourite animals x

Monday, 8 April 2013

A True Prince...

Ace. ;)

How To Train Your Human

A cat's world is an interesting place.

They believe they were put on this world to be worshipped and loved and that humans are here merely as a means of playtime, comfort and nourishment.

This picture says it all.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Go, go, Sapphi: Go, Go!

My dad's pained expression, forever immortalised on the web!

Business as usual...

But I look a bit rough!
I love this; my mum's idea of fun. She put a massive teddy bear in my bed, along with my kindle and iPod! :)

By the Pricking of my Thumbs...

Something furry this way comes!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Author Spotlight!

A big thanks to the gurus at Apostrophe Books and to Morgen Bailey for this Author Spotlight...

Take a gander:


Hope you like it!


Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire... A Review

Set in the same time-frame as Beautiful Disaster, now we hear the story from Travis' point of view. Travis lost his mother at a very young age, but before she died she taught him two important rules...Love hard. Fight harder. Growing up in a family of men who like to gamble and fight, Travis Maddox is a tough guy. Known for his bad reputation with women, and feared for his incredible fighting skills, all the boys want to be him, while the girls simply want him...Abby Abernathy is the first girl to treat him the way he feels he should be treated, with dislike and disinterest. It is her lack of interest that sparks his determination to win her round. Will the invincible Travis 'Mad Dog' Maddox be defeated by a girl?

I am so glad that I read this... it was certainly worth the wait. Romantic, funny, tear-jerking; everything you really need in a good book. And this had it in spades.
Unlike Beautiful Disaster, Travis's story spans from age 3 until around 30 which really gives the story a lot of depth. The prologue alone brought tears to my eyes; it was extremely emotional and the ending allows the audience to have a better sense of closure than before. I also love how this can be read as a stand alone.
So, what was good?
The characterisation and dialogue are superb within this novel. Travis was an epic character in Abby's story and I loved him. In his own tale however, you really get to understand him. I certainly prefer him to his female counterpart. He's intelligent, witty, sensitive and though he has anger issues, because you know why he has them, they're not as much of a problem within the novel. More of a quirk... Though a destructive one.  His interactions with his cousin (Shep) are hilarious and the added dialogue within the book seems to add an extra dimension to the entire story as a whole. I was a little disappointed to find some conversations edited out but I can live with that.
Seeing more of America and the brothers in this book also made me smile. I liked how the relationship dynamics were further examined/explained; it made the story more fun. Trenton has to be my favourite here. Ace guy.
As ridiculous as it sounds, I love how this book provokes emotion. Jamie McGuire needs an award for heart wrenching moments. There were times while reading this when the bottom fell out of my stomach, my heart seemed to crash through the floor; moments that leave you feeling like you have a hole in your chest is a credit to the excellence of the writing. And it was in all the right places too! Poor Travis... On the other hand, the book also made me laugh and gave me those cheesy smile moments - you know, the ones where you have those silly 'awwww' expressions slapped across your face? - which left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.
I loved this book; not even the occasion 'off of' annoyed me. I was wrapped up the yumminess that was Travis and his own personal hell. My favourite part of the entire novel has to be when Travis turns to Shep and says:
'Because I care about her just enough to want to make it for her.'
Can anyone say, 'in love' and 'in denial' fast enough?
If you love, love... Read this! And read it now!!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Taste of Dark...

Here is a little taste of WITCH DARK, my work in progress...
Not even the full moon or the scattered stars could pierce the blackness of the dense woodland and the heavy mists that settled in around it. The darkness was overwhelming. Even the animal
s, accustomed to nature’s changing moods, seemed to fear the very source of these shadows. And it was quiet; it was all too quiet...

 Twigs snapped somewhere off into the distance, the echoes growing louder and louder with each passing second. Animals, already unnerved, cowered, hiding in their dens. A young man, hooded and cloaked, emerged from the undergrowth and stopped to look at his surroundings. He was displeased. This was not the path he should have been taking and he was late; it was nearing midnight. A frustrated breath passed his lips and he gazed up at the sky, searching for the moon. Even if he couldn’t see it, he knew it was full.

 It was time.

 Ignoring the leaves and dirt that had covered his clothing, the young man continued on his way, working through the gnarled trees and undergrowth with confidence, sure of his direction, following the ancient pathways. As the trees thinned, excitement began to course through his body. At last; he could join the others. His pace increased but his breathing remained steady. He had to remain calm; it was important to him, to his mission, to their mission.

 They had to complete the ritual. If they didn’t, the witches could never take their rightful place. The dark power that was theirs by right could never be obtained. For centuries they had cowered in the darkness, hiding their true potential from the mortals, despising them, despising themselves; the mortals had to be told. The ritual had to be performed.

 And it would start tonight.

A Note From Disney...


The First Tooth

Sapphi, our puppy, has lost her first tutti peg! I found it on the floor, yesterday afternoon! How cool is that?

No more pin like baby teeth!

Life With a Cat

I came across this picture...
And it made me laugh.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Currently Reading...

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire!
A new read; so far it doesn't disappoint!

Divine by Mistake by P.C Cast
A re-read; funny prose and a witty protagonist will always get me going!

Keep reading for reviews...

Monday, 1 April 2013

A Dirty Room

In response to my mother's constant nagging (well, not constant) about the state of my room, I have had a Spring clean!

But here is a pic I love...

Advice From a Tree!

Saw this...

And thought of my uncle! He would adore this!