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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Harry Potter - A Top Ten Character List

Well, it wouldn't be a Harry Potter month without one, would it?

The characters of our beloved HP have captured so many hearts and minds over the years (both in book and movie form) that I simply could not resist this Top 10...

Regular readers should not be surprised by my number one... at all!

A small note: I am not putting in pictures because most of the movie versions do my head in.

Harry Potter
Yes, at number ten is the central character, our determined yet utterly lovable hero, Harry.  He's had a pretty hard life, you'll have to admit; a stupid prophecy here, evil masterminds trying to kill him over there... And he copes with all this without his parents. It's very sad, but that's what makes him all the more endearing. He keeps calm in the face of danger and he carries on. He saves the day again and again despite the secrets and lies and he kicks some Voldemort ass!
Perhaps my favourite villain of the piece because she is completely psychotic, Bellatrix is a pure blood witch and a sadistic wacko. Despite having a husband - who seems a bit browbeaten, if you ask me - she seems infatuated by Mr Voldy and, as one of his best wands (so to speak) she gets to know pretty much anything that goes on.
Also, if you've read the books, you'll know that she's the evil cowbag responsible for torturing Neville's parents until they were completely insane. In my mind, this makes her worse than Voldemort, who at least has the decency - if you can call it that - to kill his victims and not play with them first.
Despite this, she's an awesome character. her unhealthy obsession with power makes a fascinating, if slightly disturbing read.
Professor Minerva McGonagall
Back onto the good guys! Our lion heart prof takes no nonsense from anyone, is wicked smart and can turn into a cat with spectacle markings!
That pretty much sums up why she's in my top ten. Anyone who can turn into a cat, is ace at transfiguration, tells Pansy to hightail it to the dungeons and fights Voldy is a winner for me.
Luna Lovegood
This is the girl who tells us that it is okay to stand out in a crowd. She tells girls that, yes, you can be smart and a little strange... you can be yourself. People should love you for who you are and if they don't they really aren't worth your time.
Thank you, J.K for bringing us a girl like Luna.
Ginny Weasley
The definition of a red head is: fiery temper with a heart of gold. Ginny has this in spades. She is yet another character that I adore - and not just because she's ginger. Ginny has so much to live up to but doesn't let fear get in the way: she confronts her demons and fights for what she wants. Ginny is strong, loving and independent.
Take one for the team!
Fred and George Weasley
The practical jokers who made the dark times seem just that little bit lighter. they gave light to those shadows... And really, on reflection, there has always been someone in life exactly like that. A person who deals with stress by making light of it, making jokes, chasing people's fears away... They also remind me of family. The closeness the two brothers seem to share really comes across.
That's what these characters mean to me.
The Mums
Lily, Molly, Tonks, and even Narcissa... Each of these characters deserve so much more.  Liliy gave up her life protecting Harry, Molly protects, fights and cares not only for her children but for everybody else's, Tonks dies fighting to save her child's future and Narcissa's love for Draco was so strong she fooled Voldemort.
Mums really are the best.
Ron Weasley
'Sunshine, daisies, butter, mellow...' From Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, these words I shall always remember. The typical 'Ronness' that did then ensue, from troll remarks, spiders, ghosts in bathroom, to Hermione and a certain Quidditch player... all of these things (and of course, he's ginger) earn him a place in my top 3.
But, more important than all of that, is his character; despite him having difficulties with potions, having wand issues, and on the whole not being as talented or as poewrful as his friends, Ron has heart.
Ron binds the group together; his all too human view of things, his normal reactions to the dire situations allow everyone to see the humour in all the bad stuff. He's probably the funniest character in the books.
Hagrid lives in a hut, likes a drink, is extremely brave and has an awesome beard... he's also half giant.
But he has a dog, a three headed dog, had a dragon, keeps thestrals...
You get the idea.
Basically, he's epic!
 Professor Severus Snape
My all time favourite character and probably the most complex of them all. I have raved about Snape soooo many times...
I just love him.
And who couldn't, really?
Harry thinks he's surly, moody, judgmental... But tell me, if you had to watch the love of your life fall in love, marry and start a family another man ( a man you hate) and  then discover that the evil monstrosity you're working for wants to kill them...  mmmm.
And then the love of your life dies but the boy survives and you have to live with the knowledge that it was all your fault. And you have to protect the boy - who looks exactly like the father - with all your might because you want to honour the woman you loved.
But then your evil boss comes back and you have to be a spy. And you have to kill the one man you looked up to as a father and then you have to let the boyget himself  killed because it's meant to be and then sacrifice yourself in the process... all because you're still in love with this one woman. Because it's an ALWAYS kind of love.
You know, I think Snape is entitled to be a bit bitter.
And I apologize for the rant, but he's my favourite.
Always x

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