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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer

Okay, I've found a new film that everyone should become addicted to!

When this film was first released in the cinema, I was gutted when I didn't have time to go and see it. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait!
A retelling of the folk-tale Jack and the Bean Stalk, this movie starts off with a very dramatic opening sequence; a five minute bed time story on the ominous and gory history of how a great king of Albion and the magic meddling monks defeated the evil giants that climbed down from a magic stalk: 'Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, ask not whence the thunder comes,. Ask not where the herds have gone or why the birds have ceased their song... for monsters roam in Albion.'
Talk about an exciting and refreshing way to revamp an old folk-tale. This film really had everything for a family get together: action, adventure, danger, comedy, romance, magic, suspense, good vs evil... I could go on all day!
Obviously, to all those who know the tale, the story is a bit predictable; we all know - regardless of twists - that Jack will get the beans, a princess will be involved and giant madness shall ensue. We also know that there's a happy ending; folk-tales always have a happy ending (the child friendly ones do anyway!).
And to those who have complained about it... well it's Jack! It's a folk-tale; it isn't going to have the depth and meaning of the Count of Monte Cristo, is it?
Personally, I love this film. From start to finish it delivered everything and more that you could possibly ask for in a family film. And the cat was awesome!

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