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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Why Start Off A Paranormal Series With A Human?

A few readers have asked me why I began a paranormal series with a human, and a human who had no supernatural abilities. To them, it made no sense. They loved the magic and the story, they just didn't get why I started with a human when there were so many other cool and 'spooky' characters to choose from.

Well, I'm going to explain this to you today.

Characters, be they human or paranormal, need to be relatable. You as a reader need to feel a connection with the protagonists. The easiest way to do this was to begin from an 'ordinary' person's perspective, explaining all the magic and supernatural hoodoo as the story progressed.

To some this may seem lazy, but to me, I think it's a brilliant way to introduce characters. Humans in a magical world are so unbelievably out of their element (like you are as a new reader) and have their own issues with magic and/or certain people. Describing paranormals from a human perspective gives a writer the advantage of being completely open about their universe and expressing opinions freely.

Furthermore, humans are actually pretty interesting! A lot of readers write them off (pun intended) because they think they're boring and incapable of taking part in the action. They are, for the most part, wrong. 

The beauty of a mortal character is that their humanity becomes a strength in and of itself. Their weakness, their inability to cast spells, to run at ridiculous speeds or shift shape, is what makes them strong; they are the ones that continue no matter the trouble. They are ordinary: they are extraordinary! 

Human characters are able to highlight the flaws in others and urge everyone to improve. They, in effect, can become the heart and soul of the stories.

Not that I don't love supernatural characters, I adore them! My next book is about a werewolf!

Just keep in mind readers and writers, that being ordinary isn't necessarily a bad thing... In fact, in a book, no one is ever ordinary!

Peace out people xxx

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