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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Movie Madness: My Top 10

Yes, I know. Everyone has their own unique taste in films and I'm completely insane; you are probably reading this and thinking, her film choices will be really bizarre. But what the hell. I'll share mine anyway.

These are my favourite films; the movies I watch (or in one or two cases have been back to watch) when I'm stressed or tired or... or just bored.

If you haven't seen some of these films, this post contains SPOILERS.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. Most normal people despise the films but at number ten is my guilty pleasure: Breaking Dawn Pt 2. Directed by Bill Condon, I have to say, despite the gigantic plot holes and weird (verging on disturbing) family relationships, this film just has something. The 'fight-which-isn't-a-fight' was so good it had me at the edge of my seat (mostly because I was mad that they killed off one of my favourite characters) and several of the red eyed vampires  - Garrett and Benjamin -  were fabulous.
Yes, the acting wasn't exactly brilliant but it was the best film of the saga. It earns a place in my top ten purely for one fact only:
I am a comic book fan. And even if these characters do, on occasion, veer from their 'factory settings' it does not detract from the reality that The Avengers is an epic film. It's action-packed, adventure filled; there's enough violence to keep everyone happy but, for the more sensitive folk, the characters are developed enough to show a little heart and vulnerability. The villain is superb; he's paranoid, intelligent and he has a massive inferiority complex hidden beneath layers of arrogance and indifference. Loki is the perfect villain.
Affectionately called the 'roar roar' film in our house - by my mother, ladies and gentlemen - Jurassic Park takes the number eight spot. The 'roar roars' are cool. When people ask what a dinosaur looks like, I have never heard anyone say, 'Search it on the web' or, 'Look in a book.' Every single time someone has asked the dinosaur question, the answer has always been the same: 'Watch Jurassic Park.'
And I love watching it. The cast, the script and the story are all fabulous. The characters are well developed and the music, composed by John Williams, is just sensational.
This film brought out the child in me. On a cold afternoon, I took the trip to the cinema with my two best friends (both over 20, like me) and sat down to watch it. As we were early, we had to watch the 2D viewing. That was epic! So, like a bunch of saddo twenty year olds, we went out and bought tickets for the 3D version. Which was AWESOME!
With the silent Sandman, the giant Australian Easterbunny, the hyper Tooth Fairy, the tattooed Santa and the rebellious Jack Frost, what is there not to love about this film? Plus, and who could forget, the one and only Jude Law as Pitch Black, the Boogeyman.
A fun loving adventure with  heart and soul.
Okay, The Lord of the Rings: TRILOGY. Because, let's face it. They are all awesome. I can't choose between them. When I sit down to watch these films, I end up having an entire day of MiddleEarth. The world is just so detailed, the characters so incredibly diverse. Peter Jackson did an amazing job with these films. And we can't forget the cinematography. The sweeping camera shots of mountains and breathtaking landscapes... Wow.
Okay, so we have Frodo. The little Hobbit who is now a ring-bearer. He makes his way, joined by Sam, Pippin and Merry and led to Rivendell by Aragorn, the heir to the throne of Gondor. From there we have Gandalf (Wizard), Gimli (Dwarf), Legolas (Elf) and Boromir (Son of Gondor) joining them to go to Mt Doom. They have to destroy the ring. And save the world.
The first of the Harry Potter films takes number five in my top ten. Young Harry is the boy who lived. And he doesn't even know it. Not until a giant breaks down his door and tells him he's a wizard! It's a wonderful film and the beginning of a journey for every child of my generation. Yes, I said child. Because that is what the Harry Potter franchise does to you. It makes you believe in things.
I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.
When this film came out, I was seven; mum and dad took me to the cinema to watch it. I loved it then and I love it now. Still, over ten years later, it remains one of my ultimate favourites. And I'm going to explain why.
First: I love mythology. Ancient Egypt had such a rich and diverse - if strange - culture. Their religion was so different from ours; they had Gods for just about everything. So, doing a film about a curse (which Egyptains did do, by the way) really had my interest. Furthermore, the character names (the Egyptian ones) like Imhotep and Ankhsunamun were real people. Second: The cast. What a cast. Enough said. Third: Character development. Even the villain was likable in a weird sort of way. You felt his pain. All he wanted was his girl. It was so sad. Well, until he started killing people.
And let us not forget the action and SFX.
It's the end of an era. We had to say goodbye to Harry and his friends and wow! at least we got to do so with a bang. Taking Bronze in my top ten is the final instalment of Harry Potter.
And I think it's well deserved.
Not only is it true to the books, with all those 'OMG' and 'Tissue, I need a tissue' moments included, the film is visually dynamic and, at times, explosive. There is a perfect balance of action and emotional gravity, providing the film with enough realism (despite the genre) to remain attainable to its audience. The cinematography was superb and the music (Alexandre Desplat) was gripping, adding that extra note of despair to the entire picture.
But Snape stole the show. Alan Rickman is the sole reason that this film is in Bronze position, not at number four. His performance throughout not only this film, but the other seven, really stands out. His 'There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class.' to the despairing and loving, 'Always' will remain in our memories.
Thank you Alan Rickman and thank you Professor Snape. You are a legend.
At silver, is this awesome film! About a group of kids with a camera, this movie has a clever script and is excellently filmed. I watch it at least once a week.
The kids are brilliant. They can act, for one, which is brilliant and their line delivery is superb - JJ Abrams does great dialogue. Produced by the great Steven Spielberg , Super 8 is intriguing and fast paced.
The Princess Bride. This is the cheesiest, funniest, maddest film I have ever seen. Complete with drunk sounding priests, friendly giants, swash buckling pirates, evil princes, torture chambers, and of course true love, this film has everything. Even R.O.U.Ses (Rodents Of Unusual Size). Based on the novel by William Goldman, the film has condensed some things for the name of good cinema. But who cares! It is an ace film.
With phrases like 'As you wish' and 'Inconceivable' and 'Prepare to die' at regular intervals, it is a film for all the family. Though years old, and I mean years, the film is still as epic as ever.
I love it.

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