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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sidekicks: Disney Style

Here I am again, obsessing over Disney. It's because I'll be going there in December and that's just too far away in my opnion!

So, to keep me (at least a little bit) sane, here are my top ten Disney Sidekicks.


It's Thumper! 'If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all.'
First, he's so adorable; look at him. He has cute feet and a fluffy little tail... And he's always there for Bambi. The mark of a true friend.


Jiminy Cricket: 'Always let your conscience be your guide!'
Pinnochio was a puppet, he had no string sto hold him down... and he needed a guide to keep him on the straight and narrow. Enter my number nine. He's small but he has a big heart, and that really is his best quality. He has soul!


Say hi to Flit and Meeko! The little bird with the anger problem and the raccoon with the eating problem! From Pocahontas, these two are a great addition to my top ten. Not only are they some of my favourite sidekicks, they are also my favourite characters overall. Escpecially Meeko. He has chubby cheeks and he's so curious! The best thing about these two is that they are always there for eachother, even with all their bickering.

Here they are, from Under The Sea! It's Flounder and Sebastian. Both caring and protective, these two fight claw and fin to save Ariel from the trouble she gets into. Plus, they are so cute and (kind of) cuddly.
Mushu, Mushu, Mushu!!! 'The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.'  The small, fire breathing dragon who, more often than not, gets Mulan into more trouble than he does out of it. Nevertheless, he guides her and teaches the values of hard work and friendship. Along with his bug friend (whose name escapes me for some strange reason) he tags along with Mulan, helping her save China!
Nana, from Snow Dogs! Technically, she isn't really a sidekick, but she acts like one. Nana is the epitome of 'man's best friend'. Kind, smart and loyal, she protects her master. And her facial expressions are hilarious!
Pegasus! 'The body of a horse and the brain of a bird!' Ace. Such a loyal, protective and funny sidekick. Though the mythology of Disney's Hercules has been altered somewhat for children's entertainment, I adore the humour of it. Especially this character. Not only does he have all good qualities, he gets unbelievably jealous of newcomers.
I bring you, from Tangled: Pascal and Maximus, the hound horse and expressive chameleon. The ultimate in true friendship and loyalty, this pair really go the extra mile in seeing to their friends' safety and happiness. If any of you have seen Tangled Ever After, you will know exactly what I mean!
The Lions King's Timon and Pumbaa! Who else would dress in drag and dance in front of a bunch of starving Hyenas as a distraction? Answer: no one! Because nobody else is that insane... or cool... or honest... or loyal... or trustworthy...
You get the picture.
'Pain and Panic, reporting for duty!' Another Hercules classic! This duo are brilliant. Though they work for the villain of the piece, Hades, they are so ill-equipped to be evil; they ruin every master plan! They really are softies at heart.
Panic's catch phrase is simply epic: 'If. If is good.'
Whoever came up with that was a genious.

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